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5 Ways to Make Your Lobby More Inviting

No matter what kind of company you operate, your lobby area should be functional, comfortable, clean and prepared to welcome any guest. As a third-generation commercial cleaning service, Trinity Building Services has been has been providing commercial office cleaning in the San Francisco area for nearly 30 years. Here are five ideas to ensure your office lobby is ready to make a good impression on anyone who walks through the door:

Pay attention to smell

You’ve heard about how different colors evoke different emotions. Well, smell works the same way. Smell is often one of the first things a person notices when they enter a room, whether the smell is good or bad. To improve the smell of your lobby, avoid heavy spray air fresheners and opt for a more subtle fragrance diffuser with scents containing citrus, lavender or vanilla. Take it a step further and place diffusers throughout the office to improve employee efficiency as well. A Japanese study found that office employees made 54% fewer errors when the workplace was scented with lemon.

Invest in entrance mats for your lobby

Entrance mats are a great way to prevent guests from tracking dirt and dust into your lobby’s seating area. This stops the rest of your lobby floor from being dirtied, and also makes clean-up quicker and easier. At the end of the day, vacuum your entrance mats to keep them clean. If they’re taking an extra beating during the winter months, use a water-vinegar mixture to remove salt stains.

Bringing plants into your office lobby

There are many benefits of having indoor plants in the workplace. They add real value to your office’s appearance and also benefit air quality! Have you ever wondered why illnesses seem to travel quicker than usual in an office? It’s caused by poor air circulation that seems to re-circulate germ-infested air over and over again. Indoor plants absorb air pollutants and in exchange, release clean air. They’re natural air filters that can help increase air quality and decrease sick days.

Improve air circulation

People rarely acknowledge or notice when a room’s air circulation is good, but everyone seems to notice when it is bad. Poor air circulation can result from lack of proper ventilation and cause your office to feel “stuffy” or smell “stale.” This problem can usually be resolved by having an HVAC professional check the condition of your AC unit and air ducts. Other tips include making sure all vents are open and not blocked, changing your air conditioning unit’s filter regularly, or simply installing a ceiling fan.

Keep windows smudge-free

Natural lighting can really brighten up your lobby and make for a more open feel, but dirty windows and doors can ruin even the tidiest of rooms. Make sure to wipe down any glass surfaces in your lobby to prevent any streaks or smudges that might leave guests unimpressed.

Leave Your Office Cleaning to the Professionals

While there are numerous tips to keep your lobby looking its best, having a professional cleaning service visit your office daily, weekly, or monthly is a better option for your busy schedule. Here at Trinity Building Services, we provide a full range of quality guaranteed cleaning and janitorial services including medical office buildings, restaurant cleaning services, stadium cleaning services, and more! Get more information and request a quote, or contact us at (650) 873-2121.

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