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Be an Environmentally Friendly Office

More companies are going green, and you don’t want to be left behind. Not only does living a more sustainable lifestyle in your office help protect the environment, but it can even benefit your company’s reputation and bottom line. As an environmentally responsible commercial cleaning service in San Francisco, Trinity Building Services gives you these five steps to help take your company office from careless to conscious.

Design an office recycling program

The best way to begin your journey toward a greener office is to start by observing what recyclable materials are most commonly thrown away in your office’s trash. This will give you an idea of what materials to focus on when designing your program. Make sure to contact your building’s waste management company and confirm which materials they accept. Next, begin placing easily accessible recycling bins around the office that are clearly labeled with their intended purpose, and put together an email announcement to be sent to all of your staff members. Ensure upper management is committed to the program, showing your employees that your company is serious about changing its ways. This is very important, since the only way your program can be successful is if your staff is aware of the program and on board.

Ditch the paper files for computer files

Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways, especially in the office. Store backup files on your computer instead of printing out paper copies for records. If printing paper copies is absolutely necessary, be sure to switch your printer’s settings to print double-sided instead of single-sided pages. Also, reuse old junk paper to write notes on before tossing it in the recycle bin. Save paper, ink and money.

Make reusable coffee mugs available

Not only is it a nice gesture to provide employees with glass coffee mugs instead of small paper cups, it can significantly reduce your office’s paper consumption. To go a step further, place water dispensers around the office and encourage staff members to use reusable water bottles instead of bringing plastic water bottles from home.

Reward staff for participation

Most, if not all, employees will be happy to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but offering incentives can add extra motivation. You can even put together a friendly competition between office groups. At the end of each week, reward the group that created the least amount of trash with treats, gift cards or other small rewards. Better yet, getting employees to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle at work can inspire them to continue their recycling practices at home too.

Publicize your waste reduction efforts

Consumers enjoy doing business with companies who utilize environmentally friendly practices. By promoting your recycling efforts on your company’s website or advertisements and brochures, you can increase your company’s image and customer loyalty. Recycling can also boost your image among employees as well, resulting in higher employee morale and a lower employee turnover rate.

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Looking for an environmentally responsible cleaning service company?

For nearly 30 years, Trinity Building Services has been has been providing quality guaranteed commercial office cleaning in the San Francisco area. We work hard to ensure our professional staff is trained in the latest environmentally safe techniques and we are proud to partner with our clients in creating healthier, cleaner and more comfortable work environments. Trinity Building Services is a Certified LEED business by the U.S Green Building Council. We can help your company implement cleaner, more sustainable work practices today, give us a call at (650) 873-2121 or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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