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Learn How to Clean Different Floor Types From Commercial Cleaning Experts

We give little thought to our floors until they need a good cleaning. At a business, a dirty, sticky or slippery floor gives a bad impression and puts your customers and staff at risk of accidents. It’s important to know how to clean your flooring to avoid damaging the surface or leaving slick residue.

With expertise in commercial restaurant cleaning, medical office cleaning, stadium cleaning and office cleaning in San Francisco, Trinity Building Services offers these tips for caring for your business’ flooring.

How To Clean Wood Floor

Before you start cleaning your wood floor, vacuum it to remove any loose debris and dirt. It’s also important to know how the wood has been finished before you apply any water or cleaner to it. If it’s coated with polyurethane, you’re safe using a damp mop on the floor. Never use water on a wood floor that has not been coated with polyurethane because you could cause the floor to peel, crack and swell. For wood that’s finished with lacquer, varnish or shellac, you should use a solvent-based cleaner and polish on the floor. If you’re unsure how to clean the wood flooring in your business, don’t risk it and call a professional. Trinity Building Services will take every step to ensure your floor is cleaned properly.

How To Clean Marble Floor

Many businesses feature impressive lobbies and common spaces with marble flooring, which comes in two types — polished and unpolished. If you’re wondering how to clean marble flooring, first check to see whether it’s unpolished and if it is, whether it’s been sealed. Unpolished marble is porous and therefore prone to staining, so sealing the floor with a marble-specific sealant is the best way to keep it unstained. Polished marble and sealed unpolished marble may both be cleaned with a damp mop and all-purpose cleaning liquid. Don’t use anything too harsh on this beautiful stone.

How To Clean Linoleum Floor

Linoleum flooring is commonly found in many businesses, and Trinity Building Services staff often encounter it in the commission of their commercial restaurant cleaning services. Learning how to clean linoleum floor can be tricky. It’s not a good idea to pour water on this type of floor because moisture can seep underneath, and scouring it can damage the surface. The only way to bring back the luster and sheen of your linoleum flooring is to first wash it with a vinegar solution. Then remove any scuff marks using a small amount of floor polish applied directly to the scuff. Once you’ve cleaned that, use a basic all-purpose cleaner and a mop to wash the floor. Do not use a solvent-based cleaner on linoleum floors. Finally, use two coats of a polishing liquid to finish the job.

Call Trinity Building Services for Office Cleaning in San Francisco

For busy restaurant managers concerned about commercial restaurant cleaning and for other business managers, this process often proves to be too much for their staff. That’s why they call Trinity Building Services for the best in commercial restaurant cleaning, medical office cleaning, stadium cleaning and office cleaning in the San Francisco Bay area. If you want us to make your floors shine, call Trinity Building Services at (650) 873-2121 for a free quote!

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