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How to Clean Cubicle Walls, From a San Francisco Office Cleaning Company

Many office workers view their cubicle as a second home where they work, eat and do all the things that take them through their day. Those cubicle walls see it all — and it shows in how dirty they get.

We don’t often consider the cleanliness of cubicle walls, but those fabric-covered dividers pick up dust, food spills, sneezes and more. They need to be cleaned regularly, just like desks, phones and chairs. Trinity Building Services, a family-owned office cleaning company in San Francisco, offers three simple ways to keep your office cubicle walls clean.

Lightly brush the fabric to clean cubicle walls

A person can only imagine the filth that collects on cubicle walls. Their gray or beige hue is designed to disguise dust, and there’s plenty to make you sneeze. To remove the dust and debris that has attached itself to the cubicle walls, use a soft brush to gently wipe the dust away. Wear a mask during the process to avoid breathing in the dust that comes loose from the wall. You can also use a vacuum to remove dust, paper debris, insects and anything else stuck to the fabric. Brush the walls regularly to avoid dust build-up, so you’re not sitting in a sneeze-inducing work space.With Trinity’s office cleaning services in San Francisco and office cleaning services in Los Angeles, you can ensure your cubicles get cleaned regularly, to prevent dust build-up.

Clean cubicle wall spills and stains

That tomato soup you spilled. Multi-colored ink spots. All those little coffee dribbles. Cubicle walls are often on the receiving end of some messy stuff. Your best bet is to clean those stains right away, to keep them from settling in and becoming harder to remove later. To clean a cubicle wall stain, spot-clean it with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent. Similar to how you clean other fabrics, blot the stain instead of rubbing it. Laundry soap or spot-removal products might help loosen food messes and other stubborn stains. Because Trinity Building Services offers commercial restaurant cleaning, stadium cleaning services and office cleaning in San Francisco, we’ve seen just about every kind of spill and stain you could imagine!

Finish cleaning cubicle walls with an all-over wipe-down

Once you’ve dusted and spot-cleaned, it’s time for one more step. Get a bucket of water with mild detergent, and use it to wipe down the whole cubicle wall, top to bottom. Don’t forget the tops of the walls! Those can get especially dusty and grimy. Wipe the sides of the cubicle wall, and be sure to get the back, too.

Get reliable office cleaning in San Francisco

Let Trinity Building Services keep your cubicle walls in tip-top shape with regular cleaning. We offer office cleaning services in San Francisco. Find out more about our cleaning services at our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact us at (650) 873-2121 today for a free quote!

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