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Clean Bar Tips from a Restaurant Cleaning Service

You only get one shot at a first impression. When entering a restaurant, bar or nightclub, potential customers will decide within seconds whether they will give you their business. Bad odors and unclean spaces will force out customers and flush away profits. Although the kitchen and restrooms get the most focus during health inspections, the bar is one of the biggest areas of contact with customers. The frequency of people who touch a bar top, combined with food and drink spills, creates high volumes of filth over the course of one night’s work. If not done properly, this high-traffic area becomes unsanitary and unsafe.

Maintaining sanitation behind the bar is far from glamorous. Most bartenders despise cleaning the bar, preferring to take their tips and just go home. However, allowing patrons to sit at a dirty bar with elbows stuck to the top is bad for business. Customers will believe that if the front of a bar is unclean, the same is true for the back as well, including the kitchen.

Ensuring a bar’s cleanliness is perhaps the most significant managerial duty. Assuming that employees will take it upon themselves to maintain the facility’s sanitation is irresponsible. Because of how important bar cleanliness is tied to profits, restaurants and bar owners should hire experts to make sure sanitation is done properly. This ensures guests are kept safe and keep coming back. However, if you want to take the risk and do it yourself, you must consider these six steps first before cleaning your bar.

1. Always clean soda gun and holder. The beverage dispenser’s nozzle is a breeding ground for slime and bacteria. Since this is the first place a health inspector will check, clean and soak the guns nightly.

2. Scrub equipment often. Dirty blenders and mixers must be cleaned regularly throughout a shift. Larger equipment, like refrigerators, stoves and fryers, also need routine care and maintenance. Clean equipment boosts a bar’s appearance while also helping expensive equipment to last longer.

3. Don’t forget drains. Floor drains are necessary for keeping floors clean and free from dirt and oil. Yet, these are full of bacteria. Not only do these pose food safety concerns, but drains can be a bad source of odor. Scrub with a floor drain brush regularly.

4. Clean under matting. Designed for ventilation, bar-top matting can collect food particles and dirt. At the end of the night, remove and sanitize the matting and the area underneath. Allow everything to dry before returning items.

5. Help glassware to shine. Customers do not want a drink from anything but crystal-clear glassware. Avoid stacking glasses and never touch the inside or the rim.

6. Enforce a cleaning schedule. None of these tips matter if a cleaning schedule isn’t used. If you do not choose to hire a commercial restaurant cleaning firm, assign employees to certain jobs during each shift. Post the schedule with clear expectations and times for each task to be completed.

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