Young businesswoman is having allergy problem at work.

Fight Workplace Allergies With Regular Office Cleaning in San Francisco

Workplace allergies are nothing to sneeze at. Allergies are one of the top reasons employees miss work. The American Academy of Asthma and Immunology also states that 10% to 30% of people suffer from nasal inflammation caused by breathing in allergens.

The effect of allergies can drastically hurt your business. All this sniffing, sneezing and coughing fatigues your employees, and tired employees are less productive and may even miss work. While, allergies are common and caused by so many irritants that it is unlikely your business can stop them all, you can limit their impact on employees and customers.

1. Clean regularly

For almost any allergen, cleaning can reduce or even eliminate the problem. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning can especially go a long way in maintaining a healthy office space. Wipes or microfiber dusters can also help prevent dust mites from accumulating. However, cleaning properly takes a huge time commitment. Hiring an office cleaning company in San Francisco instead is a worthwhile investment. You can devote your valuable time to other responsibilities while these experts clean your office thoroughly and completely.

2. Prevent pollen indoors

Seasonal allergens are some of the most harmful to your staff’s breathing, and they’re equally dangerous indoors . Pollen can enter through open windows and poor ventilation systems, so equip your office with a good air filtration or purification system to reduce the levels of airborne particles. Conduct routine maintenance twice per year on heating and air conditioning units, including changing the filters. This, in addition to services from an office cleaning company in San Francisco will go a long way toward preventing indoor pollen problems.

3. Control animal allergens

Pet-free doesn’t mean exposure-free. Because most businesses don’t allow pets, this allergen is often overlooked. Yet, pet owners carry hair and dander on their clothes and bring them into the office. Pet allergies are harder to control, so providing hair removal rollers at your business may be a good idea. Hiring Trinity Building Services office cleaning in Los Angeles for regular vacuuming services and cleaning will also help to reduce animal-sourced allergens.

4. Encourage testing

Preventing office allergies involves knowing what triggers cause the most problems. A wide range of factors, including mold, dust, pollen or animal dander, could be making your staff’s allergy symptoms worse. Only certified allergy specialist can perform an accurate allergy assessment, so recommend employees get the medical attention they need. To avoid the need for this, schedule weekly cleanings with Trinity Building Services office cleaning in San Francisco.

5. Hire professionals

The reality is that allergies influence your bottom line. While you want to ensure your employee’s well-being, your business can’t function without active, healthy employees. Sanitizing and cleaning your office properly requires professional experience, expertise and efficiency. Make sure the job is done right the first time by contacting Trinity Building Services. We provide office cleaning in Los Angeles and office cleaning in San Francisco, to keep our residents healthy. We guarantee our cleaning services. Call us to request a free quote at (650) 873-2121.