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From Lobby Floor Polishing to Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning: A Maintenance Checklist for Businesses

No business can afford to let their building get dirty, dingy or unsightly, regardless of whether it’s an auto body shop, accounting firm or a bar and grill. A business left unmaintained is a turnoff to potential customers, creating an uncomfortable environment and the impression that management doesn’t care about the physical environment.

Don’t wait until dirt, dust, grease and grime build up, leaving you with an even messier job to deal with. That could lead to damage or even lost work hours. Whether you need restaurant cleaning services, shop and warehouse cleaning services, or office cleaning in San Francisco, call Trinity Building Services for help. We will work with you to create an effective and affordable business cleaning maintenance schedule that will keep your space looking fresh and ready to receive customers all the time.

Office Cleaning Services in San Francisco

Small and large offices alike see heavy traffic from employees and customers moving in, out and around all the time. Workers track in water and dirt on their shoes, they eat at their desks (and everywhere else) and sometimes sneeze and cough on their cubicle walls. If your office has a kitchen area, that ups the dirty ante. Prevent employee illnesses and absences, and keep your space looking great with the following checklist:

  • Carpet shampooing, floor polishing, baseboard cleaning
  • Cubicle wall cleaning, office chair cleaning, desk cleaning
  • Computer cleaning, mouse and keyboard cleaning, exterior copy machine cleaning
  • Office bathroom cleaning, including floors and polishing all mirrored services

Restaurant Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Every restaurant has a kitchen and a dining room or take-out space — all areas that need regular restaurant cleaning services to ensure they stay in tip-top shape. If these areas aren’t properly maintained, they don’t just get gross, they can actually present a health hazard to employees and customers alike. Restaurants can be tough for employees to properly clean and maintain on their own, as there are many nooks and crannies, and areas that require specialized services, such as restaurant exhaust cleaning, oven cleaning and more. Out in the dining room, customers drop food, spill drinks and seem to get stuff in every crack and crevice. Keep both sides of the house clean with this checklist:

  • Front of the house: Dining room and more
  • Hostess station podium and carpet
  • Dining room tabletops, undersides and legs
  • Chair seats, backs and legs, booth cleaning
  • Bar cleaning, including polishing, polishing fixtures and cleaning bar guns and nozzles
  • Carpet cleaning, including stain treatments, and floor polishing
  • Register/POS system cleaning, wait station cleaning

Back of the house: Commercial kitchen cleaning

  • Cleaning and polishing stainless steel tables, including undersides and legs
  • Cleaning and polishing refrigerator exterior
  • Sink and faucet cleaning
  • Restaurant exhaust cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Other specialized restaurant equipment cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning Services in San Francisco

When a person enters a medical office, they expect a clean and hygienic environment. The professionals who manage these offices have a particularly important responsibility to maintain their offices with a high standard of cleanliness. A dirty office damages the reputation of a medical professional, and negative word-of-mouth can be especially harmful in these instances. If you operate or manage a physician, dental, chiropractic or specialist practice, don’t take chances with poor or infrequent cleaning. Trinity Building Services provides this important maintenance checklist:

  • Reception/welcome area cleaning, including front desk, displays, shelving and signage
  • Waiting room cleaning, including chairs, televisions, tables, coffee stations and water coolers
  • Exam room cleaning and sanitizing, including exam chairs, detailed equipment cleaning and computers
  • Lab area cleaning and sanitizing
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Floor sanitizing

Get commercial cleaning services today

It’s crucial for your business to implement a regular cleaning maintenance schedule to ensure your customers have a safe and enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s important that you’re presenting your business in a positive light. The commercial cleaning professionals at Trinity Building Services will help you create a checklist that helps you stay on top of the most important tasks. We provide restaurant cleaning services, office cleaning services and more in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Contact us today for a free quote! Call (650) 873-2121 or email